Oud Laos V2 Hydro Ultra E.O

Adam Michael has this to say” I have been buying and selling oud for the past few years now and am privileged to access the same networks as “artisan oud gods” for everything Thai and Hindi related (24/02/23).

The opening here with this oud Laos v2 hydro ultra is full on dark tan wood shavings, rich fertile soil, lots of classic plantation sticky syrupy warm fruit effects, gourmand tonalities and a shot of sugar and spice for good measure. For me profile wise this is a Thai meets Laos mash-up as those classic DNA Thai fruit vibes are off the charts here and as time progresses on skin or strip, it is indeed these blissful sticky warm fruit plumes that dominate your immediate environment.

What we have here in my opinion is yet another top draw intro-level oud that is superior to a lot of the easily accessible and similar price point – plantation ouds online. This is a cost-effective, solid performing, non-offensive crowd-pleasing bottle of oud that will play nice with many other natural aromatics, from the roses, tobaccos, vetivers, through to cocoas, sandalwoods and countless more of the usual perfumery pairings. For perfumers who need real oud Laos in their compositions, look no further as this ticks all the boxes.

Again, to be clear this is 100% free from skanky, barnyard and horsey qualities that often come with plantation productions, and of which extend the performance times. As such neat on my skin, I get approximately 4 hours of wear from a generous swipe on my skin. Hydro distilled, amber orange in colour and of a thick but pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Origin: Laos

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Plantation Material

3 YEARS AGED (24/02/23)

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 1325 Euros. 100G = 2450 Euros.