Stinging Nettle Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Getting hold of stinging nettle materials is not an easy feat. We used to carry a stinging nettle absolute but despite its interesting aroma we had to discontinue the material because of its repeated alcohol solubility issues. Luckily we have now got hold of this co-distilled essential oil (with copaiba oil) that causes no alcohol or oil solubility issue at all.

Aromatically the essential oil is even closer to actual stinging nettle than the absolute material. If you know the plant and more so if you have ever tasted it in any cooked preparation you will find close similarity when smelling this oil and not surprisingly so as the steam distillation partially cooks the leaves, enabling them to release their characteristic aroma.

Apart from that of “cooked” nettle leaves, the aroma can also be described as gourmand, peppery and a bit earthy-sappy, with fresh-green but deep notes and with light warm woody aspects that become particularly evident when applied on the skin. Although the copaiba oil in itself does not contribute much to the aroma profile it does however help improving the tenacity. Not a high impact material, this essential oil remains pleasantly close to the skin and with its gentle scent can add an interesting note to gourmand, chocolate and foody accords, but also rooty and forest floor compositions.

Not a perfumery staple but an interesting material for curious noses and of course stinging nettle junkies, it can be also used diluted in a carrier oil or other cosmetic products as a tonic for calming and balancing skin and scalp.”

Botanical name: Urtica dioica x Copaifera officinalis

Origin: France