Patchouli Chocolate CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say” I have always had a fondness for patchouli ever since I smelled a barrel of aged Indian Patchouli some 25 years ago. Back then my palette was aromatherapy orientated and thus very limited. Amongst the curated aromatherapy staples I always found patchouli to offer the greatest spectrum of scent profile. A material that enters all common aroma territories to some degree, especially if we look at this material from multiple origins and consider all extraction techniques. This love has never subsided, just deepened as the years have slowly rolled on by. As such, it is a real joy to have been given access to this artisan select extract patchouli co2 production.

On my skin type, the opening notes of this patchouli chocolate co2 are reminiscent of milk chocolate, dark wood shavings, tobacco, incense, musk (clean ambrette style), finishing with chalky-floral powder tonalities, that perhaps quietly tiptoe into orris butter territory.
On the strip however, what we have here opens for the first moments with big plumes of cool chocolate mint chip ice cream, wafer biscuits and a floral powder finish to my nose. The aroma, via skin or strip application, then morphs slowly (within an hour) into more of a general allrounder gourmand note with those classic and obvious patchouli descriptors in play, so earthy, woody, wet soil, camphoraceous and so on all sitting underneath.
Solely on the strip, once we start to come out of the heart, its as though we walk through a secret passageway and enter an amazing petrichor landscape, not the rubbish non-relatable so called petrichor experience from smelling a Mitti-attar, but a real true to life petrichor experience.

Reminiscent to me of standing outside on my gravel yard on a windswept day, the aroma of our woodland, natural waterfall and creek, through to the little stones in our yard, all these fantastic sensory experiences swirling around and indulging me. Pure bliss as I can’t get enough of true to life petrichor aromas.
On my skin type in optimal form I get 3 hours of solid wear and still can detect this in a more relatable patchouli fashion touching 7 hours later. On the strip this lasts for a good 10 days.
To sum up, this is a wonderful bottle of patchouli, showcases many layers of scent, is somewhat trippy and should really appeal to the fellow hardcore patchouli-heads who get all nostalgic and wax lyrical about patchouli days of old.”

Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

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Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250g = 250 Euros.