Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue lotus absolute, this material is not from Tamil Nadu in India or anywhere across Thailand, oh no, this alluring floral masterpiece hails from Sri Lanka. Crisp amber in colour, of a pourable viscosity and of absolutely sensational tenacity.

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically to my nose this material is an eruption of flowers from far flung exotic worlds full of colours and hypnotic charm. This material oozes a cocktail of floral exotic wetness that I just want to drink and devour. The aroma exudes a bold waxy warmth, comparable to frangipani infused with a big dose of lychee and papaya sweetness. Underpinned by an exotic rainbow of wet lush greenness, reminiscent to my nose of the morning dew that graces heavenly tiare flowers. This will be marvelous in sweet, heavier floral and oriental compositions as well as adding passion and body to light florals.”

Botanical Name: Nymphaea caerulea

Origin: Sri Lanka