Persian Rose Royal Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “Evaluated neat on my skin the aroma opens with gorgeous warm indulgent rose powdery character and is underpinned with delicious dewy sweet pear, honeyed apple and trace watery lychee tonalities.

This is pretty much the scent profile, super concentrated fresh roses of exquisite clarity, with a plethora of ever changing honeyed fruit nuances throughout. As with the many Persian offerings I have sourced across the past years, this otto is just like smelling living damascena flowers across an early summer’s afternoon and is yet another completely gorgeous masterclass aromatic. Colour is golden yellow to translucent spring green subject to weight/volume and longevity on my skin type stands at just under 5 hours from a generous swipe.

Uses, a must for building and improving rose accords, pairs great with sandalwoods, jasmines, neroli, frankincense sacra, in fact, regardless if we discuss woods, florals, fruits, spices, resins and countless other groups and sub-groups of scent, this royal otto can be everyone’s friend when dosed accordingly.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Side note: You will find this essential oil/otto, crystallises under temperatures of about 20°C. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with it and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will be liquid again very quickly.