Rhatany Root CO2 (TOTAL)

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “One of the most distinct scents I’ve experienced from a rhizome: nutty, orris-like, reminiscent of fermenting leaves, whiskey, nuances of ginger, yet also notably lactonic. The first five minutes on the mouillette has autumnal notes of petrichor, forest floor, and wine tannins. This dries into a creamier, rich, slightly smoky, boozy, very whiskey-like lactone scent. Two hours in the scent is very much akin to oakwood absolute, however much more tannic and lactonic. As it continues to dry in the next several hours, a mellow, woody whiskey lactone effect lingers, with accents of orris, tree nuts, amyris, sandalwood, cognac, and faint wine tannins. What a remarkably unique material! I could see this paired with oakwood absolute and cognac to create a prominent whiskey note or a mixed forest (pine/deciduous) floor ambience.”

Botanical Name: Krameria lappacea

Origin: Europe