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Rose Bulgarian Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “One of the best rose ottos I have ever experienced and possibly only on par with the Persian Petals Otto, this Rose Bulgarian Otto literally shines with its dewy-fresh, translucent and softly addictive enchanting fragrance.

The head notes are luminous, juicy, diffusive rosy-lemony. Very slowly the aroma charmingly progresses to a graceful fresh rose petals heart. Whilst rose absolute materials tend to be sweeter and earthly, this essential oil is all about fresh rose petals in the mid spring breeze, so airy, suave and heavenly it almost doesn’t belong on earth.

An exceptionally bright and vibrant material. We are honoured to be able to carry this Rose Bulgarian Otto after so many years of disappointing (and ridiculously expensive) batches sampled. Regarding uses, of course a must for creating luxurious rose bases, works wonders within no expense spared, Oriental, Fougere, Chypre and floral creations, pairs especially well with Bourbon geraniums, and is invaluable every time you need to soften and bring a composition together, a heart note in the truest sense.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Bulgaria

At Hermitage Oils, we love rose absolutes, ottos, concretes and co2’s so very much, that we have now created a page dedicated to roses here.

2 reviews for Rose Bulgarian Otto

  1. ZHANG NAN (verified owner)

    The smell took me back to the ancient silk road thousands of years ago, when the camels of Persian caravans smelled of tea and spices, and the otto rose stood out.

  2. Charalambos Charalambous (verified owner)

    This material is way beyond any rose absolutes that have the warm heady sense of rose but it’s clear power factory of pure rose in a rainy day ..few drops and can overpower your perfume..its Amazing..a must have gem!!!

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