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Sandalwood India Gold Super Premium CO2

Adam Michael has this to say “I am immensely proud of this Indian sandalwood CO2, this is without hesitation, benchmark of excellence, modern day holy grail material. Artisan oud vendors of whom dabble in sandalwood would be proud of this among their offering, it is that fantastic. Apply a swipe of this on your skin and your immediate environment is all heavenly, joyous, mighty god like of old sandalwood for 7 hours plus. On the strip this is 20 days plus and this is both alcohol and oil soluble. This is like smelling a batch of e.o from the mid-eighties, it truly has an incredibly aged character vibe about it.

I have been evaluating possible new suppliers for Indian sandalwood since the summer of 2019. As soon as I encountered this batch, I jumped on it. This is my signature piece sandalwood oil, thus the Gold Super Premium tag.

Now, sandalwood oils, being a base note, can be quite slow to get up and running, and are usually, not always, but usually, a somewhat close to the skin and intimate affair throughout when used as a standalone material. More so now as the standards of what is deemed as good sandalwood has fallen off a cliff in recent years and the material from Australia produced S.album logs is decades away from ever being anything remotely as satisfying on the senses as the age gone by Indian produced material.

This sandalwood thankfully is instantaneous gratification, an aromatic body that is mature, fulsome, a full throttle high octane pleasure ride if you will. A stand out feature of this material is that for a naturals sandalwood oil, it is incredibly bright and toppy, yes toppy, rich, warm, voluptuous, smooth sandalwood notes throughout. Powdered facets that have the most delicate of spice traces and of which cumulate in a marriage made in heaven with the smooth warm woody heartwood character. And creamy aspects that are entwined with delicate trace vanilla scented playdoh qualities. Honestly this is simply an outstanding bottle of sandalwood oil, the best I have ever been able to obtain in my so far 14 years at Hermitage Oils. Subject to volume, golden yellow to brick red in colour, and thick, resinous gloopy in appearance. Produced from plantation Indian S.album logs and purchased directly in this instance from the producer.

Uses, personally this is a perfume in its own right and I feel it is a true shame to add anything to this material. However if you are creating a sandalwood base, and want to keep it all natural, and want power in the top through to base, then this is a 100% no hesitation purchase. My last naturals release of 2019 (25/12/19) and arguably the best natural aromatic of 2019 from Hermitage Oils.”

The 1 gram weight is provided in a clear glass vial with a swipe stick screw cap, and hand written label. 5 gram and 10 gram weights are provided in amber glass bottles with dropper inserts and screw cap. 50 gram weight is provided in a lacquered aluminium canister, plug and screw cap.

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Wild/Plantation: Plantation

Santalols Content: 71%

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7 reviews for Sandalwood India Gold Super Premium CO2

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Precious exquisite luxury! This is sandalwood at its finest, buttery, rich, creamy, round, sweet, smooth. 10 stars! Liquid gold. Made for timeless gods and Kings. Just a big fat calm royal WOW.

    As suggested there is something more diffusive here than in most other sandalwood materials and yet it still seems to last forever on the skin without changing much (if at all) for the first 7 or 8 hours at least. Reliable and consistent throughout. Worth remortgaging your house over!

    I’ll be very hesitant to mix this with anything at all (though maybe a couple of tried and tested compositions, I prob won’t be able to help myself!) but it honestly needs nothing in my opinion, it’s the true definition of simplicity meets complexity and I’d give my right arm for a kilo!

  2. Esther Bohnhardt (verified owner)

    I’m very picky when it comes to sandalwood oils and usually I prefer distilled materials.
    Now this one is a true gem. Opening with fatty, buttery notes that dry down into creamy, milky softness on my skin. Inhaling the oil from the bottle had a mood altering effect on me, calming and yet awakening, not sedating.
    Only wish it would last longer on my skin, I got 3 – 4 hours.

  3. Charalambos Charalambous (verified owner)

    Creamy soft and buttery sandalwood..although i have a lot of sandals from other companies this is creme d la creme of all..if you are a big spender you can imagine when blend it with a touch of musk or jasmine as an attar..but also you can buy a 50ml bottle and leave it aged for the future!

  4. Ulla Pedersen (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely. The best sandalwood I’ve ever experienced. It’s like floating in it a soft, warm scent when wearing it.

  5. Konstantina B (verified owner)

    Perfect, perfect, perfect, I think its the best quality of sandalwood I ve ever bought, will definitely buy again

  6. Thomas (verified owner)

    What to say ? Absolute pleasure… If you are a sandalwood worshiper, you NEED to get your hands on this rich, creamy and longlasting oil. It is worth every cent.

  7. Stephen B (verified owner)

    Delicious old school sandalwood sweet creamy meditation – Keeps you sniffing and really chilled effects – Amazing. It is has been 16hrs now and I still get wiffs from a small swipe. My sandalwood pilgrimage has come to an end! Thank you Adam

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