Sandalwood Kupang Essential Oil (2 AND A HALF YEARS AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “For me this Sandalwood Kupang essential oil experience is like delving into the private quarters of another’s soul. Beyond exterior you find the real connection with another, that’s where the good stuff awaits you, and this sandalwood is no different.

Yes, it doesn’t say made in India on the bottle, it doesn’t boast an insane total santalols content (64.5%), it isn’t aged, nor blessed by Gandi or Ganesh, but it is a glorious experience to behold. Aromatically applied to the strip, what we have here is indeed Santalum.album, but it comes to the table with its own personality, it’s not trying to be something it isn’t and it provides us with a unique and enjoyable take on S.album that I am convinced can be put to great use by all perfumers and everyone in between.

The very early opening notes have this Southeast Asian vibe stamped all over them, exuding lots of black peppered spices, creamy nutty qualities, sweetened rice aspects and even traces of White Oud (which for the record is a marketing term used for Aetoxylon sympetalum). In the early stages this aroma also puts out some big agrestic plumes comparable to freshly mown hay combined with flouve and some trace tobacco tonalities. As for the creamy buttery sandalwood character, it is here and its both gorgeous and different as it is embedded within a jungle spectrum of raw woods, musty foliage and dirty-animalic qualities.

If you directly compare with legends such as sandalwood musk 1960, sandalwood 1936 E.O and sandalwood India gold then yes sandalwood Kupang isn’t as polished and perfect. But there is something so captivating here within the imperfections.
This Sandalwood Kupang essential oil is a workhorse base note, still in good shape after 4 days on the strip, yellow in colour to orangey-red subject to weight and as for uses, a must for adding a twist to sandalwood accords, adds value within rose creations of an oriental nature and thus working wonderfully within tobacco-rose creations, is a marriage made in heaven with Chinese sambac abs and is really complimentary when used alongside civet abs (either), castoreum abs, deermusk, wool musk, Hyraceum tincture, patchoulis and young opoponax productions. No doubt with more experimenting this sandalwood, like S.album aromatics generally will pair well with many more naturals. Highly recommended and whilst no one can say forever-ever regarding the supply of natural aromatics, I can type I have very good stocks on hand and should have long term access to a regular-ish supply.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: Indonesia (direct from producer)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 180 Euros. 100G = 350 Euros. 250G = 800 Euros. 1 Kilo = 3100 Euros. 

Aromatic Produced: December 2021