Strawberry Gum Essential Oil

Mark Evans has this to say “What an experience this oil is! This species of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus olida) only grows in Eastern Australia and is actually becoming threatened in the wild, so plantations of these trees are being raised to cater to increasing demand for the exceptional essential oil and the dried, ground leaves which are used as a spice in cooking.

Unlike any eucalyptus you’ve ever smelled, this oil delivers a whirlwind of impressions and delights from the smelling strip – there’s a hint of menthol as you’d expect from a eucalyptus, but this is overwhelmed by wonderfully fruity, jammy and boozy notes. There’s the smell of strawberries, wine gums, glace fruits, cinnamon, clove, balsamics, medicine, sarsaparilla, cherry, almonds – I could go on. Never have I experienced an oil with such complexity and depth of character and with such potential! To think that this oil consists mainly of just one intriguing compound, methyl cinnamate, which also occurs naturally in basil, strawberry, cinnamon, clove, jasmine, plums and also pepper and these are all bought to mind when smelling the complex aroma of this oil.

In perfumery, strawberry gum essential oil is incredibly versatile as a top / heart note in any composition requiring fresh, sweet, plummy, strawberry, fruity aspects and would blend so well with florals like patchouli or rose and also with balsamic and oriental ingredients like benzoin and labdanum. After smelling this oil for the first time, I was immediately compelled to re-formulate some of my own compositions to include it as I knew it had the potential to boost the enjoyment and depth of these formulas ten-fold.”

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus olida

Origin: Australia