Methyl Cinnamate Natural Isolate 33%

Adam Michael has this to say “This methyl cinnamate natural isolate is obtained from Eucalyptus olida, aka Strawberry Gum essential oil, and of which contains a staggering 90% plus methyl cinnamate.

In pure form this powder is reminiscent of eating ripe red cherries bursting in your mouth on a warm summer’s day and finishing with light sparkly strawberry nuances.

This material is provided by us as a 33% dilution in alcohol and as such, aromatically, it is far more strawberry fruit and sweet jam themed throughout with a slight spiciness. Many will find its aroma quite delicate, but please do not underestimate its impact when building your own perfume creations as on the skin the aroma is very noticeable.

Methyl cinnamate natural isolate is very useful material for imparting warmth and enriching the top notes of strawberry accords. Great for those who require fruity jam notes and this material pairs well with poplar buds, roses, labdanum, amber sweetie and orris/iris materials.”

Extracted from Eucalyptus olida essential oil.