Sultan Grade Royal Hojari Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “In the world of Omani frankincense resin, the No1 grade on Earth is Sultan grade. This resin is deemed so spectacular both visually and aromatically that it is kept out of circulation and enjoyed by the sultans of Oman of whom are part of the historically rich Al Busaid Dynasty. As Oman rules the roost by light years when it comes to frankincense, the Sultan grade genuinely can not be topped, it is the ultimate Hojari resin trophy piece.

Each year however some of this resin (seeming not to exceed 40 – 50 kilos per year) is released into the general market via license. The scarcity and demand for this graded resin is so high that the market price is more than double that of Royal Hojari resin (which is already big money for resin).

Each tear is chiefly of an ice blue-green colour profile, some tears are more green than blue, but all are of a wonderful, marbled clarity and a step up when compared with Royal Hojari tears. The aroma is strong and soul comforting, exuding menthol – think eucalyptus (Eleonora is not in agreeance), lots of citrus, chiefly lemon zest through to a tad orangey, juicy warm resinous character galore with distinct pine tonalities reminiscent of freshly distilled Aleppo pine. This is sensational resin, and it is easy to understand why it is so desired and sought after. My rating, 10 out of 10 all day long.”

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Origin: Oman

** At Hermitage Oils should you wish to burn the material neat we would recommend burning the material on an oil burner opposed to using charcoal disks. If you follow this recommendation, we also advise placing a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and then laying the resin on top. This prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use and by using an oil burner you get to enjoy much more of the aroma of the resin than when using charcoal disks.