Sweet Incense Tree 50%

Adam Michael has this to say “Over the years I have written my aromatic thoughts about many hundreds of natural materials. And every once in a while something comes along that truly captivates and inspires me. Today (24th June 2017) I am in possession of such a material and I cannot stop smiling like a child in a sweet shop.

This plant is part of the daily life of the Namibian Himba tribe people, uses including repelling mosquitoes through to smoking meat. Also known by the names of groots kerbos and better known as bushman candle due to the fact that the plant contains so much resin and wax that if you remove it from the ground it will burn like a torch, thus the name bushman candle.

Now I need to state this resinoid material is diluted by Hermitage at 50% in alcohol. Therefore the top notes do of course initially smell alcoholic and I would advise as with all such materials to remove the cap, let the alcoholic vapours disperse for a few moments and then evaluate the material.

If you follow this advice you will detect the top notes are full of resinous sweet sticky warmth that reminds me of benzoin and Tahitian vanilla with superior lasting depth and supported with light touches of myrrh and styrax minus any of the bitter aspects you commonly find with both. The heart through to base notes of this aromatic drive me wild as it is reminiscent of mellowed sweet woods, sweet smouldering Middle Eastern smoke and finished by faint touches of cinnamon spice. In fact the heart and base notes are a perfume in their own right, and I can’t help but think of some distinguished and highly ranked gentleman from the ancient times, dressed in a tunic and exuding this perfume, all natural and full of far flung intriguing charm.

This material is of good longevity, obtained from the wood of the spiny shrub, amber in colour and a must for building, improving and finishing, incense, smoke, church and camp fire accords. This material blends especially well with guaiac wood and should be considered by those creating any Oriental themed florals, more so should the composition include jasmine sambac as the two materials work harmoniously together.”

We also this material neat at a wholesale rate in a 250G pack size, in this instance the material is solid in appearance and will require bain-marie to get the material into a pourable state.

Botanical Name: Sarcocaulon mossamedensis

Origin: Namibia

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 380 Euros.