Trans 2 Hexenal Natural Isolate

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Also called “leaf aldehyde” this natural isolate has an outstandingly high odour strength, to such an extent that we recommend not to smell it directly from the bottle but to dilute it down to at least 20% because it is extremely pungent at high concentrations. However, once heavily diluted down this material displays a very pleasant green-leafy, oily aroma with fruity-green banana and apple pips nuances. The aroma becomes even fruitier with clean, fresh green apple notes when further diluted down to 1% or less.

Essentially a top note, used in trace amounts it will impart freshness and lift to perfume compositions and will work especially well in floral and fruity accords or wherever a refreshing green leafy touch/opening is desired. This material is here offered at full strength for maximum usage flexibility.”

Extracted from green tea.

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