Oakmoss Absolute 50%

28th July 2022: I am so happy to announce the non-IFRA-compliant oakmoss absolute we offered for nearly 15 years from a specific producer is now back in stock. After talking with this producer on and off for many months they finally agreed to produce more of their NON-IFRA COMPLIANT OAKMOSS ABSOLUTE solely for Hermitage Oils. As mentioned below I can’t get behind IFRA compliant oakmoss material nor the idea of aromatic history being re-written for what is arguably one of the single most important natural aromatics in the history of perfume. True to my word I have never carried it and I never ever will. The power and influence of IFRA is concerning as producers just seem to fall in line. After all, offering synthetic equivalents suits most manufacturers’ interests as well. 

Even online resellers nearly all seem to have dropped the non-tampered oakmoss absolute and IFRA supporters do whatever they can online to rubbish the idea that there is any difference aromatically or performance wise between non-compliant and compliant oakmoss. I’m sorry but that is simply not the case, and until we will be able to we will keep carrying outstanding material that proves that sorry no, true oakmoss has little to nothing to share with those dull, washed out excuses for an aromatic material. 

We appreciate that whoever needs to sell to the EU market needs to follow the IFRA guidelines to be able to legally sell their product, just let’s be aware that the two propositions do not compare and if you want to educate your nose and your senses then true oakmoss is always the way to go. Thanks, Adam.

Adam Michael has this to say “In my humble opinion the IFRA compliant oakmoss absolute is so heavily stripped back and lifeless. From a full bodied wonder we end up with an emaciated tragedy and I refuse point blank to ever carry the IFRA compliant material. The oakmoss absolute we offer at Hermitage Oils is NOT the compliant IFRA version and instead all we offer here is the full bodied, happy, untouched wonderful oakmoss absolute that less and less companies are sadly offering today. This absolute is provided at 50% diluted in 50% ethanol.”

Arctander has this to say “Oakmoss products are used extensively in perfumery. They form important parts of the notes in all fougere, chypre, or “moss” perfumes, and they are common ingredients in colognes, crepe de Chines, forest notes, new mown hay, pine fragrances, lavender bouqets, Oriental bases, fancy or modern bases, etc. They can lend body and naturalness, rich pleasant undertones and high fixative value in numerous types of floral fragrances as well.

The Absolutes are the most versatile in perfumery use. Their solubility and great power make them the most popular forms of oakmoss extract. The absolute from benzene extraction is very dark green, viscous or semi-solid, while the absolute from petroleum ether extracted concrete is liquid and brownish-green, less intense in color. Furthermore, most oakmoss products are, in reality, mixtures of oakmoss and treemoss products, the latter being less green in color, but also different in odor and less aromatic than true oakmoss.”

Botanical Name: Evernia prunastri

Origin: The lichens which produce this absolute are found on oak and many other trees, mostly around the Mediterranean. Produced in Europe.

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