Tuscan Green Olive Leaf Absolute 90%

Adam Michael has this to say “Since moving to Italy to live, we have made many producer contacts, mostly for citrus yes, but, we have unearthed a few producers here who fully embrace the Italian floracopeia, think outside of the box and push the boundaries of what’s possible to the maximum. End result being spectacular aromatics that you will never encounter via the corporate catalogues.

This Tuscan olive leaves absolute project has been two years in the making and finally after many attempts, the producer has hit a home run and produced an olive absolute that truly captures the scent profile of green olive leaves. No easy feat, and for proof, look no further than the absolute offered to all by Egyptians producers – including ours. Egyptian Olive leaf absolute smells awful when compared with this Italian material – and yes this includes freshly produced Egyptian material too. As such we are going to call time on Egyptian Olive absolute across late 2024.

The aroma of this Italian absolute is best evaluated from the bottle or on skin, with strip I find it doesn’t do justice to what we have here. The aroma from start to finish is very consistent – fruity berry (blackberry), bitter green tangy, clean, palate cleansing, refreshing, woody, hot peppery, and very reminiscent of the experience of biting into a green Tuscan olive – albeit in a smoother, softer, more rounded fashion. Uses, well this is a benchmark material when it comes to a natural olive aromatic, so from that point alone it’s a worthy study and reference material, and it’s a must have for those creating foody compositions, pairing wonderfully with apple, cucumber and pear liquids we offer. Moreover, its cleansing green character can make it a very interesting addition to green compositions.

Retail volumes sold at 90% in 10% alcohol to enable an easier to handle aromatic.

Wholesale weights sold in pure form – of which is a pasty to slightly solid mass that will require bain-marie prior to working with it for ease of use.”

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Origin: Tuscany/Italy

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: Retail volume NO as its mixed with alcohol. Wholesale weight YES as its sold in pure form. 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 590 Euros.