White Ambergris 20% Tincture

18th October: Now sold out. 

Adam Michael and Eleonora Scalseggi have this to say” So with a very heavy heart, and after lots of discussions, we are bringing the curtain down on our offerings of ambergris tinctures. This makes us immensely sad; it feels as though Hermitage Oils is saying its goodbyes to a lifelong friend that brought one another so much happiness throughout the years. However, when all is said and done, acquiring and selling ambergris has become too much of a stress and an increasingly challenging task, considering the market is increasingly flooded with tampered ambergris tinctures (with added aromachemicals to make them stronger smelling), the shady ambergris dealers trying to push black ambergris – a big no no for us considering there is no way of knowing if black ambergris comes from a whale naturally found dead or one killed by man), the international rules now making exporting ambergris impossible to an increasing list of countries. So we believe it is now sadly time to let go of this unforgettable natural aromatic.

What we have for sale here is White Ambergris, beach combed in Ireland and the tincture was put together on the 10th January 2021.
Aromatically from the bottle, you will be instantly hit by the smell of alcohol and will not be able to appreciate any other particular scent. Applied to skin the aroma is reminiscent to me of smelling clean skin, old paper, musty old fabrics, cold water-soaked driftwood, finishing with salty ocean water effects.

I finish by borrowing a paragraph from Eleonoras content found within the ambergris 10% listing….
Natural ambergris is a perfumery material that stays close to the skin and never overpowers the compositions where it is used: it exalts, makes the blend smell more vibrant yet cosier and more natural-smelling at the same time, but more times than not it will do so almost without being noticed in the blend as a distinct perfume note. Although more concentrated, this applies to this tincture as well.”

Origin: Ireland

Unfortunately, this material cannot be shipped to Australia or America