Artemisia White Ice E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is warm, bitter sweet, anise fruity, boozy, full of herbaceous character and finished with cold minty nuances.

The material is obtained by steam distilling the aerial parts and the colour is clear to pale yellow and of a pourable viscosity. Pairs well generally with herbaceous materials of a savoury nature, especially rosemary and sage products, useful within herbal bouquets, for building wet watery notes, Spring themed meadow bases, lavender colognes, chypres and fougeres.”

Mark Evans has this to say “This gorgeous white ice wormwood essential oil is in the same aromatic league as wormwood, sage, artemisia and rosemary with the added bonus of a strongly refreshing menthol layer to the scent profile. The experience of smelling this oil is a heady one. There is the mind-altering, nasal-clearing (and headache inducing if you’re not careful) blast of fresh eucalyptus and camphorous menthol vapours which are quickly subdued by the strong, fresh and spicy aromatic herbs and the combined scents of absinthe and lavender. The menthol never completely leaves, and remains in the background as an added layer of complexity.

This oil would be useful in small amounts to provide top note strength to aromatic and spicy fragrances and colognes. It would also be good to experiment with in tuberose blends to help with the deliciously fresh top note of this flower.”

Botanical Name: Artemisia herba alba Asso

Origin: Morocco