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Adam Michael has this to say “The fragrance of white rose co2 is heavenly, I think it is the summer breeze of roses, consisting of delicate, fresh, playful rose notes. The middle has free flowing honey rose qualities with a citrus tang that is sharp, sparkling, possessing extreme impetuous charm. This creates an environment for me to find inner calm, no floral material at all enables me to collect my thoughts and feel as peaceful within as white rose.

The colour is light-medium yellow and is of a smooth wax like consistency that will require warmth before it is completely pourable. The major constituents are phenylethyl alcohol (36%), citronellol (4%), geraniol (4%).”

Botanical Name: Rosa alba

Origin: Bulgaria

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3 reviews for White Rose CO2 ORGANIC (SELECT)

  1. innasany (verified owner)

    As Adam said – truly heavenly material! Sweet, floral, honey, bees…a meadow full of splendor. Amazing, soothing, blissful. It is a prayer. Must have!

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Everything they say is true, it’s simply just heavenly. I ordered this a couple of years ago and it’s long gone but I have not forgotten its pure virginal beauty. Outstanding quality.

  3. info35 (verified owner)

    When I need a rose that doesn’t have that vibrating, metallic, aldehydic (don’t know how to decribe exactly) opening typical of some rose EO and absolutes, I choose this one.

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