Rose Absolute Signature (TURKEY)

3rd July 2024: I now have stock of 2024 season Turkish rose absolute and still have a good stock of 2023 left. As such I offer both for sale here in this listing. Aromatically both start very similar in the top, 2024 season perhaps has the better opening in that its both smoother and more potent when compared with 2023 material. The heart notes of 2024 season showcase a more fulsome, richer, intense, stronger rose floral experience compared with 2023 season material, of which comes across as more youthful experience, with noticeable powdery rose tonalities and a stronger honey rose finish. 2023 material is by far the easier of the two, to both understand and utilise within your creations and is perhaps the more commercial friendly offering. 2024 material has much more bite and I feel will be better appreciated by the hardcore rose connoisseurs. Either way both are wonderful materials.  

Both 2023 and 2024 are orange red in colour – with 2024 being ever so slightly darker. Both batches have been produced by the same Turkish producer but note the costs have increased and this is reflected in my pricing. And to be completely open here, when I originally listed 2023 material, I priced it extremely competitively to the point it was not much beyond cost. I did this to compete with my competition. However I went on to sample what my competition are obtaining and politely I do not know how they can be regarded as my competition, they are selling inferior product that falls apart aromatically too fast. Therefore I have raised my 2023 price slightly so that we can earn a fairer return on our efforts. Thank you, Adam : )

Adam Michael has this to say “The top note of this Turkish rose absolute exudes a joyous diffusive rose-honey note with immensely deep rose character in the heart and beautiful rose warmth within the base notes. This absolute is grown in Isparta, also known as the Rose District and located in the south west part of Anatolia.

This Turkish rose absolute is rose red in colour, of a pourable viscosity and essential for building rose bases, improving rosy florals, carnation bases, developing oriental bases, fougere, chypre etc. Also provides interesting effects within spice notes and blends especially well with most jasmine materials.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Turkey

Alcohol Soluble: 2023 Yes – 2024 Yes 

Oil Soluble: 2023 Yes – 2024 Yes

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Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 

Season 2023 50G = 260 Euros. Season 2023 100G = 400 Euros. 

Season 2024 50G = 350 Euros. Season 2024 100G = 500 Euros.