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Violet Leaf Abs Super Premium

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of violet leaf absolute is heady, leafy-green, earthy, with woody and candy violet sweet nuances. Very unique and exceptionally tenacious material. Violet leaf is a middle note and blends beautifully with floral and herbaceous absolutes such as cassie, mimosa, osmanthus, blue lotus, narcissus, green and black teas, magnolias, tuberose and clary sage. Adds volume and diffusiveness to heart notes and provides an interesting twist to rose accords.

Violet absolute is dark green in colour and a somewhat thick material that benefits from gentle warmth prior to use. The Viola genus consists of some 500 annual and perennial species and are probably best known as Pansies in most gardens. A lovely species to grow is Viola cornuta alba, the flowers are star shaped, delicate and look outstanding in a rockery.”

Botanical Name: Viola odorata

Origin: Egypt

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4 reviews for Violet Leaf Abs Super Premium

  1. Charalambos Charalambous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality violet leaf ..from the first sniff you get a blast of fresh green velvet notes that almost is refreshing to your brains .it reminds me of matcha tea almost and is such a unique material that you just can’t stop smelling till you create in your mind the total blend with it..either go dark green bouquet or softened it with lighter more delicate flower absolutes

  2. kamilyosha (verified owner)

    This material is absolutely gorgeous, rich in deep green, almost candy like and grass notes, it is complex and needs to be diluted in order to get the best of it.

  3. Rob Lloyd (verified owner)

    Adam’s description is bang on for this wonderful Violet Leaf Absolute and I can’t wait to actually use it – if I can drag my nose away from the bottle for long enough.

  4. Justine O’ (verified owner)

    To inhale this is to sink into a dense and waxy, inky-earthy violet realm – smooth, damp, comforting and vegetal … a woodland floor in a Celtic rainforest. This place is always cool and mossy green, bedded down in layers of leafmould and centuries of thick moss, a constant presence of powdery-woody-green-earthy violets: such is a natural violet; this enthralling Violet Leaf Absolute.

    There’s no hint of the sickly ‘parma violet sweets’ scent we grew up, nor the strident hit of violet water worn by great aunts – this is a pure unadulterated violet leaf of ancient woodlands, whose dry down brings a milky violet floral undertone and a whisper of something resembling sacred nagarmotha.

    Unique, mysterious, dark and quietly brooding; perfect for the woodland alchemist.

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