Rose Bulgarian Concrete

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “This Bulgarian rose concrete is very different in aroma profile from the dewy pink petals notes of our Turkish rose concrete. This sumptuous Bulgarian material goes more into the direction of a velvety red rose, voluptuously spicy-floral, very rich and deliciously honey-sweet, with the colour and appearance of a delectable rosehip jam.

Solvent extracted from fresh Bulgarian roses, this concrete has a very good rose absolute content (above 60%) and a softly waxy consistency that goes pourable with very little warmth, literally melting under your fingers into a luxuriously velvety balm.

Invaluable for making solid perfumes and cosmetics where it can lend all of its sweet rosy richness, this Bulgarian rose concrete can also be used in alcohol-based products, but in this case the perfume will definitely require filtration since the floral waxes naturally contained in the concrete will not dissolve in alcohol.

A beautiful addition not only to any rose based and floral accords, but also for imparting grace and naturalness in virtually any composition, where it will bring out the best of the other notes whilst rounding the sharp edges of even the harshest smelling perfume ingredients.”

Botanical name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Bulgaria

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 200 Euros. 

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