Cedarwood Absolute (Wild Atlas)

Adam Michael has to say “So as I type its 11th August 2022 and after three years of searching yours truly has scored a motherload of the finest dreamy Wild Harvest Atlas Cedarwood Absolute available on planet Earth. I admit I am a big-time fanboy of cedarwood aromatics, especially Atlas and our Texan of which can almost warrant gourmand classification; thus, this is possibly a heavily biased write-up, more so as this absolute finds itself in my favourite 5 natural aromatics of all time.

This scent profile is all held together by a dreamy warm-fruity infusion that is forever present from the start and deep into the dry-down. If I try to break down this fruity tonality, I find Mexican damiana (trace boozy herbal facets), davana qualities (mulled warm fruits), osmanthus (sweet overripe juicy peaches and floral characteristics), Spanish cistus e.o (warm-piercing tang) and some trace dark and sweet honey – a kind of Chestnut honey and Heather honey combination. Additionally, this scent also takes me back to childhood as its somewhat similar to the fruity smell that greets you when opening a bag of wine gums and also reminiscent actually to the preparation of making homemade jelly.

This fruity scent sits above the woody base note of which is a little comparable to the e,o, but here this absolute is free from the pissy facets (Eleonora is not 100% convinced about this) and has no harsh edges, something of which are more easily detected within the e.o if you compare both on smell-strips – something I encourage you all to do. For me the woody qualities here are presented in a soft, sweet through to possibly even powdery affair. There is also some woody aspects here that tinker on the same path as what you find when smelling living mimosa trees, albeit never in that sickly headache inducing fashion I find when being around mimosa trees for too long.

In the middle of this epic aromatic sandwich, we have layers of sweet-warm piercing commercial ambery esq qualities, so a melody of cistus e.o, Cyprian labdanum absolute and our much-loved amber sweetie.

This is wild harvested material, of a rich amber-red colour, pourable viscosity, and is extremely long-lasting, 40 hours as I type on the strip and counting and lasting in optimal form for six hours on my skin type from a generous swipe. A great fixative and blends well with many of the materials mentioned here in my writing. This is the last new release for 2022 and I hope you will all love this as much as I do.”

PS – Forgive me for what I am about to type. But I want to put on record that I do my homework and that this aromatic as with many more, is not associated with the one and only second-tier French conglomerate that produces this and of whom owns our respected online American rival. I tried their material you see, and it sucks, no body, no power, and it falls away too fast. Apologies but considering the amount of effort I put into my job, I need to get across that this wild cedarwood absolute is really in an entirely superior league of excellence.

Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica

Origin: Morocco 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 200 Euros. 250G = 400 Euros. 1 Kilo = 1500 Euros.