Champaca Red Absolute

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “We are very proud to present this gorgeous and very precious champaca red absolute obtained from solvent extraction of the alluring red Michelia champaca flowers, the finest among all champaca offerings. This absolute gets produced only every few years and is therefore extremely rare; to our knowledge only Hermitage has had the privilege to be able to offer this specific production within Europe.

Elegantly heady and dry-floral as only a superior grade champaca material can be, this absolute offers all the floral classiness of neroli along with the light astringent qualities of sparkling champagne and fresh green tea leaves.

Less spicy and much cleaner than the white champaca offering, this absolute evolves gracefully maintaining its floral beauty from start to finish without any of the dirtier barn-like notes sometimes featuring in the dryout of other champaca materials.

Typically considered a heart note being a floral material this red absolute defies obvious classifications with its very high, almost ethereal top note ascending into the sky. So no wonder why in India and the South-East Asia champaca is traditionally associated with spirituality and still very present in the religious traditions of these countries.

Like other champaca offerings this absolute needs to be paired with rich but weak smelling materials like sandalwood oils, olibanum oleoresin or nerolidol natural isolate, since the flower doesn’t possess a dominant nature and its finest features would be easily overpowered by “loud” materials.”

Botanical name: Michelia champaca

Origin: India

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 3400 Euros.