Jasmine Sambac Absolute Signature Gold

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically this Chinese Jasmine Sambac absolute is a work of aromatic art. I have evaluated this now several times since receiving the sample in early September and literally everything about this aromatic is completely flawless. For me, if I bring my score cards out, this is a 10 out of 10 every single time. I loved our Indian material (no longer offered by us) and it has its place within the perfumer’s palette, but from the viewpoint of an absolute capturing and displaying a true to life experience, then yes, without any hesitation at all, I would choose this Chinese jasmine sambac in a heartbeat. I hold this material in the highest regard and the producer who I perceive as an artist and aromatic genius, has my greatest respect. This is why I am also awarding this aromatic Signature Gold status. Sourced directly from China and from a producer that feeds the worlds most respected naturals conglomerate with this exact product.

From the bottle or applied to the strip, the opening of this aromatic is a mesmerising tidal wave of heavily concentrated jasmine flowers with prominent orange blossom and grassy green tonalities. I also detect a fleeting apple crispness that I associate with magnolia flower e.o and a waxy creaminess that is reminiscent of smelling living gardenia flowers along with a big dose of sweetness.

It takes around 30 minutes before the material settles and when it does, it displays a true accuracy to smelling the living jasmine sambac flowers (which we grow), meaning the green aspects fade into a background note with the fresh breezy jasmine sambac flower character sitting at the top and entwined with the fruity notes that are again orange blossom orientated. As time progresses further it turns into an all out clean fresh and creamy sweet white floral affair that is utterly gorgeous and my definition of total white-floral perfection. The power is supported of course by an indolic through to animalic engine almost but even though it is the fuel that gives this so much power and amplified impact, it only reveals itself as a heavenly joyous floral aesthetic at all times.

On the strip the scent is present at its best for approximately 30 hours and takes in the region of 70 hours before it has completely faded away. On my skin type from a generous single swipe on my forearm I get nearly 9 hours of noticeable wear. Produced by alcohol extraction from the concrete, golden yellow amber in colour, perfectly alcohol soluble and also perfectly oil soluble.

Regarding uses, again like some other florals, I really feel we have a perfume in its own right but this aromatic blends well with other white florals including magnolia, tuberose, gardenia and ylang ylang. Sits beautifully as a heart note within compositions that contain sandalwood, patchouli, benzoins, and Siam wood in the base. A must for  neroli, orange blossom and true to life jasmine accords, especially those who want the power and radiance without relying on synthetics. Whether it’s Oriental, Chype, Fougere or all out floral themed creations, this Chinese jasmine sambac can be everyone’s best friend.”

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

Origin: China

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 400 Euros. 100G = 750 Euros. 250G = 1700 Euros.