Chinese Silk Vine Essential Oil 10%

This Chinese silk vine essential oil (sold by the producer as Periploca 10 TEC/971653) is supplied to us from a world famous naturals producer. 

Adam Michael has this to say “Aromatically, this Chinese silk vine essential oil is delicious smelling with lots of foody and gourmand qualities throughout. The opening aroma is comparable to the scent of Play-Doh, sliced green cucumber, rice milk, toasted almonds, a little marzipan and anisaldehyde, finishing with cream-soda nuances that remind me of a drink called TAB, and of which I used to enjoy as a teenager some 25 years ago now! Within this profile I also detect soft pink pepper aspects along with warm elemi resin character, a little coconut and lashings of Tahitian vanilla tonalities. If a spicy note exists, its fleeting at best and would be something sandalwood cream spice orientated.

So that everyone is aware, this material offered is 10% periploca sepium on 90% tec and the tec used is of synthetic nature. Written as others offering this don’t make this information clear. The essential oil is diluted because it is solid otherwise, due to the high % of isovanillin. I am very happy to have this material back in the collection as I actually first introduced this aromatic on our website on the 6th October 2015. A lot has changed in this time of course and I am now able to buy this branded Periploca essential oil direct from the producer and offer it at unbeatable pricing.”

Botanical Name: Periploca sepium

Origin: China

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 150 Euros.