Emerald Cypress Leaf E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Smelling from the bottle or via the strip this is a fascinating aromatic ride that even now I can’t get my head around completely as one moment it is a sweet little pussy cat and the next moment it morphs into some aromatic monster. The opening notes make me think of a forest of Spruce trees crossed with a visit to Willy Wonka’s candy factory as the sweet sugary aspects are off the charts. The opening is also full of what I can only describe as terpenic aquatic notes, something reminiscent to my nose of smelling calone liquid, but possessing a harshness and menthol quality. This in turn instantly results in me imagining the Ocean on a violent rain swept day, waves so high and moving with such energy and ferociousness. This lasts well into the heart and if that was not bizarre enough I also clearly detect lots of soft crushed green leaf nuances with a hint of candied lemon freshness. The dry down notes make my nose tingle as it reminds me of freshly cut grass left in a bucket of sharp menthol crystals.

If this material was rectified and the terpenic and menthol aspects removed, I would genuinely be describing this material right now as a modern day masterpiece, the natural alternative to calone liquid and of course the go to material for creating aquatic notes. However this is unfortunately not the case, but, it is still a must try material with a plethora of uses for the creative perfumer.

Clear in colour, produced by steam distilling the leaves, and of a pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Callitris columellaris

Origin: Australia