Fir Balsam Abs Super Premium

Fir balsam absolute is green-brown in colour, of a thick viscosity and produced by solvent extraction of the Abies balsamea needles. We now purchase this direct from an artisan producer in Canada and the quality is outstanding, rich, full of depth, great development and far better than what is offered by any of the big raw material companies.

Arctander has this to say ”Its odour power is easily underestimated, and the apparent suave sweetness has a tremendous penetration in most fragrances. Obviously, this material is particularly useful in pine and spruce fragrances, “Christmas tree” odours, ect.., but the real pleasure of such a material is primarily obtained when it is used in the more unusual places, e.g. chypre, fougere, muget, cologne bases, violet bases, opoponax, hyacinth, carnation etc.”

Botanical Name: Abies balsamea

Origin: Canada

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