Georgian Musk Rose Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “My biggest joy in life is Eleonora. I am a better human being because of her. Now before I veer off topic and lose myself in love for my partner, let me connect the dots here. You see Eleonora has also improved my knowledge no end on the subject of florals across the last magnificent 8 years. Slowly we have turned our garden into a library of living scents, and this includes 60 rose bushes of various varieties and numerous origins.

In turn this has quenched my curiosity, resulting in me deep diving ever further into the world of rose aromatics across the past few years. And now I bring to you Georgian Musk Rose Otto, of which is no easy find.

Profile wise this is a beautiful full spectrum tidal wave, of heavily concentrated fresh dewy petal scented rose with watery raspberry jam-fruit tonalities, apple juice, sparkling champagne, candied lemon qualities, mouth-watering refrigerated sweet lychee juice, ripe pears, a little pineapple juice and anise nuances.
In fact when I inhale deeply, my brain also thinks of the smells that hit you when you open up a box of (real) rose Locum candies for the first time.

The entire profile is delivered in this rich watery juicy yummy format throughout. The notes above play together from start to finish like best friends and somewhere in the heart I clearly detect rose geranium e.o character along with the scent of the entire rose shrub – so leaves, stems and flowers, in the deep dry down.

As for my choice of name, this is indeed produced from rosa damascena flowers and the musk reference is noted in the name purely due to the distinct powdery musk qualities that are present and of which flitter in and out of detection from the early heart onwards, especially when applied on skin. On my skin type I get 4 and a half hours of optimal performance from a generous swipe, produced late summer of 2022 and the colour is golden aqua yellow.

To sum up aromatically this is a masterpiece, a work of multi-faceted aromatic art, one of the finest roses I have ever carried, and on the beauty scale, this is on par with past trophy pieces including Rose Otto Jungle, Rose Otto Gold and the current beauty Azerbaijani Rose Otto. For me 10/10 all day long and highly recommended to the rose connoisseurs and those who really want to enjoy the best of everything.”

Side note: You will find this Georgian Musk Rose Otto, crystallises under temperatures of about 20°C. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with it and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will be liquid again very quickly.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena 

Origin: Georgia

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 1000 Euros.