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Iris Essential Oil/Butter (8% Irones)

Adam Michael has this to say “This beautiful material is commonly referred to as either orris/iris butter or orris/iris concrete but is effectively an essential oil that is solid at room temperature. I have put together an in depth write up about the iris process which you can read by clicking here.

Therefore in brief this material is of a solid butter appearance, creamy white in colour and melts easily with a few minutes of gentle warmth. The irones content is 8%. Irones have a green leaf violet aroma and this material oozes a gloriously uplifting and delicate violet top note with powdery, warm, fruity undertones and all of amazing tenacity. In the world of perfumery iris not only works in harmony with the vast majority of floral materials but somehow has this incredible gift of enhancing the other materials within the composition as well.”

Botanical Name: Iris pallida

Origin: Grasse


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