Karo Karounde Flower Concrete

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Karo karounde is possibly the rarest flower material used in perfumery, trying to find pictures of the plant and flower alone is a very difficult task in itself, just to give an idea of how challenging finding this material can be. Aromatically intoxicating with its waxy-narcotic floral notes, the aromatic journey of karo karounde concrete opens with gourmand orange chocolate tones infused with overripe tropical fruit, that might remind of inhaling jasmine auriculatum absolute straight from the bottle, but leaning in a fruitier and non-grassy direction. A few minutes in, this concrete will reveal new intoxicating layers filled with the opulent and enchanting floral waxiness of tuberose and gardenia absolute entwined with the juicy yellow fruit sweetness of Osmanthus absolute, peach juice, sticky dry plum and light dry wood notes. An absolutely dreamy aromatic, karo karounde concrete has no overpowering nature when used within perfume compositions, and aside from the first minutes it is not very toppy either, so it deserves to be paired with materials that will not overpower its scent, and it will pair particularly well with white and tropical floral absolutes like gardenia and ylang ylang.

Softly waxy and deep reddish brown in colour, this karo karounde concrete goes pourable with very gentle warmth and literally melts under your fingers. It looks and smells so delicious that you will have to resist the urge of spreading it on toast! Being a concrete it will be soluble in oil and it will only be partially soluble in alcohol, thus requiring accurate filtration at the end of the alcohol macerating process.

Possibly one of the tiniest productions among all the lines we carry, since we are one of the two and only buyers for this concrete, so it is definitely an exclusive offering. This, however, has also its drawbacks since the producer for such small amounts will not have any paperwork issued for this material, so if you are thinking of using it in a cosmetic product you intend to sell, please keep this in mind.”

Botanical Name: Leptactina senegambica Hook

Origin: Guinea

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 650 Euros. 250G = 1500 Euros.