Lavender Stoechas WILD CRAFTED

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is light lavender-rosemary-entwined herbal, but due to its chemistry is most noticeably mild camphoraceous, prickly-woody with delicate pine fresh qualities. Stoechas lavender grows throughout the Mediterranean, especially around the Esterel Massif mountain range in the departments of Var and Alpes-Maritimes in Provence, south-east France. Unlike L. angustifolium, stoechas lavender flowers much earlier, mid-February to late-May. It is quite easy to distinguish as the flower cluster has little purple bracts at the top and of which are the reason this lavender is also known as Rabbits Ear Lavender. Also known by the common name of Spanish Lavender and the major constituents are fenchone and camphor.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A highly cineolic, significantly rosemary-like opening greets you as your pour this light, clear liquid EO. Sharp, fresh thujone notes mingle with cool, calm armoise and uplifting green tea, lending a bracing, herbaceous character that opens the senses, clears and stimulates the mind, and just feels fantastic to breathe in and enjoy. It is no wonder that it is regarded with much value in the aromatherapy community. The dry down is linalolic, milldly woody, subtly floral, becoming more akin to its brethren in the lavender family. Fresh and lively, Stoechas would be a great top note for aromatic herbal blends, mossy woods, conifers, fougères, citrus accords.”

Botanical Name: Lavandula stoechas

Origin: Cyprus