Linalool Laevo Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is rosewood watery refreshing, floral, with delicate woody nuances and finishing with a dash of soft lemony goodness. A useful material to extend and enhance fruity top notes and imparts natural freshness in citrus, floral and woody accords. Although linalool is found in many essential oils the two main sources are rosewood and ho oil – both consisting of at least 80% linalool. This natural isolate is obtained by rectification from ho oil (Cinnamomum camphora Nees et Ebern).”

Mark Evans has this to say “This natural, racemic linalool is incredibly useful in perfumery to add a natural, fresh, bright aspect to the top note of colognes, fougeres, aromatics, actually pretty much any perfume style. Linalool is one of those materials that is ubiquitous in perfumery, across all styles and genres. The scent is lemon green fresh, woody and a little floral. It reminds me strongly of coriander seed which is strange as this has not been extracted from coriander at all. Then I realised that coriander has a high percentage of linalool as well. So it’s actually coriander seed that smells of this linalool rather than the other way around. Linalool is also a major part of rosewood and lavender oils.”

Extracted from ho-sho essential oil.