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Orange Flower Abs (Morocco)

Adam Michael has this to say “As soon as you smell Moroccan Orange Flower Absolute you are dazzled by the rich, saturated, intoxicating goddess beauty, a master class in the art of floral olfactory perfection.

The top and heart notes are bursting with tangy bitter oranges, sun soaked heady orange blossoms, golden honey nuances and a garden of deep green warmth throughout. Moroccan orange blossom pairs perfectly with neroli, blends beautifully with champaca, opoponax, roses and countless more aromatics. Also injects Oriental character into amber bases, a must for citrus colognes and chypre compositions, provides pleasing effects when used with jasmine materials and is a great material for rounding off harsh notes.

Moroccan Orange Flower Absolute is rich orangey-red in colour, alcohol soluble, of a thinner viscosity than our Tunisian material and I highly recommend this material to everybody.”

Arctander has this to say “Orange Flower Absolute is used in countless types of perfumes, heavy Oriental as well as light citrus colognes, chypres and ambres as well as floral bouquets, modern aldehydic fantasy blends, etc. The absolute forms excellent combinations with all citrus oils, petitgrain oils, linalool, linalyl acetate, linalyl cinnamate, methyl anthranilate, various jasmones, myrrh resinoid, etc. It naturally forms an important part of the fixative base in high-class citrus colognes and perfumes of similar type.”

The leaves from this tree provide Petitgrain, the fruit peel provides us with Bitter Orange, one tonne of flowers provide roughly 1 kilo of Neroli which is obtained via steam distillation. A by-product follows in the form of Orange Flower Water. And when the Orange Flower Water oil compounds are extracted we get a product known as Orange Flower Water Absolute. If the flowers are solvent extracted we get two further materials – Orange Flower Concrete and Orange Flower Absolute.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium var. amara

Origin: Morocco

2 reviews for Orange Flower Abs (Morocco)

  1. Kostis Pap (verified owner)

    Maybe the most natural material of citrus origin I have ever smelled. Do you remember the TV animated series called “Once upon a time… life” and those tiny human-shaped antibodies, blood cells, viruses etc.? So… now I’ve been teleported right in front of an orange blossom in a Mediterranean garden, I’ve shrunken myself and with my tiny flying supership I’m entering into the Orange Blossom World, into the green stem of this orange tree micro-world.
    I can’t say what types of blossoms have been actually used in the distillation, but my memory recalls this scent as the odor of the still closed petals of the soon-to-be blossoms. This happens if you crash it with your fingers and smell them afterwards. You can’t hold your mouth from making a wide smile. I’m obsessed with the heady heavy almost narcotic blossom odor, you feel like you get caught in the radius of its warm, welcoming scented web. It’s an amazing of happiness, peace and mind clarity. This is how nectar-the divine drink of the Olympic Gods according to Greek Mythology, should have smelled like. It is not just a state of happiness, is beyond that. This is how happiness joins forces with the power of creation to provide people with happy feelings and positive energy. You could say that It has a divine force behind it.
    It is not as heavy as other orange blossoms I have tested, this particular absolute is also very fresh in a petitgrain-fresh way (just think of petitgrain greenness and nothing else of it). The character is like a blend of linalol-like floral freshness, surrounded by a cloudy ring of heavier honeysuckle-like note, warm and cozy. One could say that some fruity and some honey-sweet notes are present, as well as a tiny spicy twist.

  2. Charlotte D (verified owner)

    The smell of this orange flower transports me back to a wonderful holiday in Morocco, staying in a chalet nestled amongst orange trees in full bloom. I adored the heavenly scent of these tiny, waxy flowers. This captures it perfectly.

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