Oud Firbest – Recreation

Made from natural + synthetic molecules

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Oud Firbest, the first mixed-media oud recreation we are introducing in our catalogue is a clean oud type of blend made from natural materials as well as synthetic molecules, some of which are captives. As for its origin, we have the privilege to purchase this material directly from a world-famous aromatics manufacturer that needs no introduction. Very rarely offered retail online, Oud Firbest is excellent value for money if you are happy to work with mixed-media compositions and are looking for a material that can impart a clean oud “vibe” to your composition without costing the large sums of money that a real oud commands and at the same time guaranteeing the replicability of the formula, which is also a weak point of natural ouds and their batch-to-batch variation and outright scarcity.

Does this offer the same experience as smelling real oud, no of course it doesn’t, if you want to experience real oud’s beauty and complexity this is definitely not the material for you. If, however, any of the above reasons apply to you this can be a material worth exploring. Also, if you have never ventured experiencing real oud, this could be considered somewhat a “gateway” material to the world of ouds, and more specifically, to the aroma-profile of those very prized wild ouds with no barnyard notes, think of our wild Thai ouds for example.

Aromatically this is a clean, warm, woody, balsamic brown note, slightly resinous leaning in the direction of bois de landes, but with more depth, nuances and more vibrant resinous-rich top notes, along with a clean, incense-y Thai oud vibe. Like it happens with clean smelling-ouds, this material is to be considered more of a heart-to base note, as it doesn’t boast the same monster longevity performances as barnyard-orientated oud oils or as barnyard-oud-inspired recreations.

It is, however, a very well built and balanced composition, to be possibly evaluated diluted as despite not being an overbearing material in the slightest, it can still be deemed a bit too strong to smell it neat.

Reddish-brown in colour and of easily pourable consistency, Oud Firbest is soluble in both alcohol and fixed oils”