Oud Malaysia E.O (BORNEO 8 YEAR AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “This is a beautiful and very precious hydro distilled oud from North Malaysia (Borneo Island) that we have just added to our collection (11.07.21) and that could be summed up as being a well-polished, smooth dark wood affair with zero barnyard and plenty of incense character.

Initial opening is cresol orientated and then warm resinous nuances start coming through tinted with incense, over ripe fruit traces and a melody of dry through to slight bitter woody notes. Within the early stages I find the now warm fruit qualities start to take on a medicinal profile, in the form of a quite sweet but also astringent shape whilst somehow vaguely reminding me of smelling aged cistus oils. As time progresses the aroma is like breathing in cold mountain air to your maximum, tinged with a trace mint nuance and showcasing yet more incense in the background.

Another note to mention is Sarawak black pepper note which does clearly feature albeit entangled within a heavy, dark and somewhat incense spiced segmentation. At various intervals of this materials development, I also detect heavily aged real-leather notes that I have come to understand better across the last few years by living in Tuscany.

The notes mentioned above do seem to be the general theme and within an hour its clear that the backbone of this aroma is ultimately, spice incense through to dark resinous woody orientated.

Overall a very well-balanced super smooth oud offering that should have appeal to a broad spectrum of oud enthusiasts. This is also an enjoyable material to evaluate and wear and blends effortlessly in woody, oriental, through to sacred-wood accords.”

Due to the cost, no blind buys beyond the 3ml volume are allowed. Should you purchase, evaluate and approve of the material, please get in touch and you will be welcome to purchase the 10ml volume.

Botanical Name: Aquilaria sinensis

Origin: Malaysia

Plantation Material (8 Years Aged as of February 2024)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes