Oud Wild Khao Yai Signature E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “This Khao Yai Oud is a very pleasant aged masculine material that aromatically is old saturated resinous woody throughout, with traces of decay, spice, incense, leather, and cresole entwined with plumes of exotic sweet fruit qualities. An exceptionally well balanced bitter-sweet material throughout and nothing remotely like our popular and certainly more affordable plantation offerings. This wild oud is both clean and refined throughout.

The aroma profile is pretty consistent, however towards the dry down on both the strip and my skin, it displays soft oleo resinous peppery qualities along with the cleanest characteristic aspects found within vetiver heart materials.

Applied to my skin (back of my hand), I can detect this aroma for about 10 ish hours, and this despite the washing of my hands. The aroma on strip and skin is an intimate affair, becoming more noticeable when applied in generous amounts.

Subject to weight, warm amber red to mud brown in colour and of a slightly thick resinous, yet pourable consistency. 6 years aged at the time of writing (30/08/20) and produced in a stainless steel pot.

This wild oud will benefit (in my opinion) perfume creations of a dark, sultry, animalic, erotic and sexually charged theme. Eleonora on the other hand interprets this material differently and does not associate this aromatic with anything erotic or sexually charged.  For her, this Khao Yai Oud is a refined, distinguished, attractive, 30-40 something gentleman’s scent, masculine, elegant and understated.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Origin: Thailand

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wild Material distilled in 2014