Rose Otto Shahbanu

Adam Michael has this to say “Persian Shahbanu otto opens with an intensely fresh blast of watery rose notes, complemented with trace earthy garden tonalities. The rose qualities are especially captivating, super fresh-breezy, lightly dusted with awakening candied orange and lemony notes. As the aroma progresses, the pink orientated rose character goes onto dazzle and dominate the senses in a pretty-structured fashion. Exceptionally beautiful rose otto, and although by fine margins, this must be a contender for the greatest bottle of Persian rose that we have ever offered to date (11.07.2021).

Applied neat on my skin type, longevity stands at just over 4 hours from a generous swipe and blended with fractionated coconut at 10 parts carrier to 1 part otto, I find the aroma is present on my skin for 16 hours plus and it can be still detected in traces for the rest of the day.

This material is oil soluble with ease but only partially alcohol soluble due to natural stearoptene content (an oil-soluble wax often featuring in variable percentages in rose ottos, and that tends to be in higher concentration in damascena roses).

As for the name Shahbanu, in Iranian this means Queen and I figure it is the most fitting name to bestow upon this work of aromatic beauty and utter genius.

Picture taken in our garden, but the rose is actually an English Rose (Harlow Carr), that carries some visual resemblance with a damascena rose. This because our damascena rose was really out of shape this year.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Partially but requires filtration due to the natural stearoptene content

Oil Soluble: Yes