Toolbox Tincture 20%

Adam Michael has this to say “I wanted to name this tincture Dads Tincture, as after all it is the perfect building block for creating dad themed perfumes. However it was suggested that it might read as though I had gathered up a dozen dads, luring them into my abode with the promise of tea and biscuits, only to put them all in a cauldron and tincture them. A slightly disturbing notion! So I have opted to name this tincture, drum roll please……TOOLBOX TINCTURE.

The material used to produce toolbox tincture is mimosa catechu resin and what a beauty of a tincture this has resulted in. This is a revelation in the world of all natural perfumery. Think about it, how often do we encounter a natural aromatic that can be used in perfumery and of which reeks of metals in all its various forms? The answer is of course little to never.

This aroma smells reminiscent of smelling polished metals, rusting metals, dirty nails and screws, claw hammers, simply, the aromatic life of a toolbox. The mind goes further, the smell of mechanics oily overalls, grease, grime….just pure manliness!!! If you want to build manly, true to form, unique dad themed creations then at the very least this is the back bone of your creation.”

Botanical Name: Acacia catechu

Origin: India