Violet Flower Extrait from Enfleurage

“The violets whisper from the shade
Which their own leaves have made:
Men scent our fragrance on the air,
Yet take no heed
Of humble lessons we would read.”
Christina Rossetti

Mark Evans has this to say “The violet, a flower with a scent so delicate, so fleeting and yet also the most beautifully heart rending of all the flowers on this Earth. The shrinking violet does not offer up its fragrance easily and you will not find a purely natural extract of the violet’s shy beauty anywhere except here. This enfleurage has truly captured the violet’s hidden lesson of feminine beauty and strength and has also revealed a secret. A secret revealed only to those privileged enough to smell this essence of the flower’s true natureā€¦

On the mouillette, you are greeted with a burst of freshness, citrus and leafy green which quickly makes way to the classic ionone smell of violet which we all know and love. The mildly powdery, velvety, sweet woody delight that is violet. But then the secret! This shy and pretty violet has been hiding a raunchy side. This extract has undressed the fair maid and what do we smell? Jasmine, tropical ylang ylang, tuberose, rose and musk. An animalic, horny musk which nonetheless compliments the green and the pretty ionone violet. In many countries, the violet is associated with death and mourning. Could this be why? The death of virginity? The end of innocence? The lesson may be subtle but it is there for all who wish to listen closely and pay attention to this delicate flower, so often trodden underfoot.

Overall, the radiance of this extract is subtle. Like the flower, it hides its beauty close and when used, care must be taken to ensure that the lesson this flower offers is not hidden behind others with a more brash message.”

Botanical Name: Viola odorata

Origin: Italy