White Rose Otto E.O (Organic)

14th August 2023: A quick note to say this new batch of White Rose Organic E.O (WHR023) has been produced from 2023 season material. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “Obtaining this certified organic White Rose Otto essential oil is like being part of an exclusive club, drenched in snobbery and elitism. You don’t buy this from the supplier, you are invited to buy this if you are deemed a credible suitor. This at least, is the case with my producer.

To the best of my knowledge our supplier is regarded as the no1 in his class, a perfectionist who is producing product that is in another league entirely to his competition. The simple reality here is we are talking about the finest, most superior white rose otto essential oil in existence on Earth at this moment in time. Sincerely this is master class material that obliterates the White Rose CO2.

Aromatically, this organic white rose otto essential oil, has the lemony-buttery notes found within White Rose CO2, but they are present in a more delicate, soft, feminine, and almost velvet like fashion. Personally for me, I recognise this otto E.O as a superior product to that of the CO2 offering from first sniff. Said because this material is packed with rose sparkle, brightness, rose dewy freshness and very impressive projection from start to finish. We grow rosa alba plants in our own garden, they flower across the month of June and this otto E.O is just like burying your nose into the heavenly and seductive flowers. This truly is material that any rose lover can and will fall in love with, its beauty has such a profound and deeply calming effect on the mind, body and soul, and is as much of use to therapists as it will be to perfumers who want to create signature scents that stand them apart from the crowd.

If you have read any articles concerning rose otto production you will be aware of the staggering low yield obtained via rose petals to produce the regular R.damascena. Well, the yield of rose alba is even lower, so whilst I appreciate this is very expensive material, it further demonstrates the scarcity of this material.

Regarding uses, this is a must when you require notes of a cleansing, purifying and clean rose nature, and of which feed more in a feminine direction. Very useful if you are wanting to create mock orange accords, White Freesia notes and generally I see this as a material that improves everything it comes into contact with.

To sum up, 10 out of 10 material, an outstanding rose aromatic and enjoy it whilst we have it.”

Botanical Name: Rosa alba

Origin: Bulgaria


Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 1325 Euros. 100G = 2450 Euros.