Wild Oud E.O Naga Red

Adam Michael has this to say “What we have here is a wonderfully clean-animalic, dark woody, gentleman’s wild artisan oud with freshly-mown hay, blonde tobacco, cigar and flouve tonalities galore. Finished with sweet and spiced qualities in the form of fruit jelly and trace soft Tasmanian pepper.

The woody oud character here oozes old dark wood vibes, earth, tar, resin and cresole nuances throughout with the sweet fruit jelly facets dancing in and out detection but most importantly playing a huge role in softening and actually beautifying the overall aroma profile from start to finish. The heart to dry-down consists of yummy warm fruit jelly berry notes with dark floral effects that remind me a little of smelling fragrant purple lilies.

This is wild oud produced via hydro-distillation, amber-red in colour subject to weight, and both alcohol and oil soluble.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria malaccensis

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wild Material distilled in September 2023