Aldehyde C14 Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “This Aldehyde C14 Natural Isolate (racemic) is a very different aromatic proposition compared with the synthetic offering and one I have evaluated for over a month prior to writing. In my opinion and of the two materials, I find the synthetic material does provide the better instantaneous burst of bright juicy peach qualities.

However that is the only advantage I can find with the synthetic offering. I find this European produced Aldehyde C14 Natural Isolate provides a far better ride, first it smells real and by this I mean not something fantasy like that better resembles use in candy bars stuffed with E numbers and finished with neon coloured packaging like the synthetic does.

This natural isolate is the better proposition when you require peach, lactonic, creamy, fruity, fulsome, juicy, apricot character in the middle onwards of your composition. My partner is not a fan of this natural isolate and I admit it’s a strange and disappointing start but if you give it some time it really is a stunning material with a wide array of uses and a longevity of literally weeks. It definitely is at its best when it is used to support and amp up fruity aspects and add interesting shades to florals such as gardenia, osmanthus, orange blossom and so on.”

Extracted from castor oil.

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 50 Euros. 250G = 105 Euros.