Angelica Root CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of angelica root CO2 is root earthy, herbaceous warm, with hints of edgy black pepper on a base of leather and soft musk. This material is far more rounded, fulsome, complete and in harmony compared to the essential oil which is a little rougher around the edges in comparison.

For the perfumer CO2 excels in developing earth, musk and smoky notes and provides a playful twist for the citrus based composition. In trace amounts angelica CO2 blends especially beautifully with patchouli and vetivert materials, softening the raw edgy notes and imparting playfulness, warmth and added lift. This CO2 is a select extract, golden yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity and a major constituent is osthol at 8.6%.”

Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica

Origin: Poland

Select/Total Extract: Select