Fire Tree Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “I am maybe one month now into my official Hermitage resins adventure and today (18th April 2018) I am proud to offer a super star resin for sale, not easy to source at all and it goes under a fair few names, notably Fire Tree and Black Boy.

Now this Australian resin is a super slow starter and for it to come alive aromatically on an oil burner** it needs a lot of heat and will benefit from breaking or even grinding the resin pieces down in a mortar prior to use. I actually use two tea lights in my burner to give the resin the heat it needs to release the aroma. Within about 40 minutes on the burner the aroma is nothing short of a masterpiece, truly a wow material full of fruity balsamic and soapy floral character, the more heat, the more it melts, and the more it melts the more it resembles smelling the essential oil, even going on to display the full array of sweet and medicinal qualities of the oil. I’d add as well something about this aroma reminds me of the dry down notes you find within the fruitier orientated boronia absolute materials. When it reaches full temperature and starts to bubble you also can clearly detect the leather notes.

All round this is a fantastic scent, it does not fill a room compared to say burning Black Storax or Siam Benzoin resins, it is also very expensive material, but it is also a true Australian aromatic beauty. Yet another resin for tincturing, in fact we have just got a tincture at 20% underway so hopefully in the next six months we should be able to offer tinctured material as well.”

Botanical Name: Xanthorrhoea preissii

Origin: Australia

** At Hermitage Oils should you wish to burn the material neat we would recommend burning the material on an oil burner opposed to using charcoal disks. If you follow this recommendation we also advise placing a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and then laying the resin on top. This prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use and by using an oil burner you get to enjoy much more of the aroma of the resin than when using charcoal disks.