Mimosa Decurrens Abs

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of the mimosa¬† absolute decurrens species exudes sweet-woody, spicy, and rich waxed honey character in abundance with somewhat vegetative and green violet qualities dancing in the background.¬† A much darker, richer and fulsome experience in comparison with the sweeter and more innocent dealbata species which we also offer. This absolute is produced in India, flowers, twigs and the beautiful pinnate leaves are all used to produce the concrete. Once solvent extracted the absolute is of a solid to treacle consistency, yellow in colour and with bain-marie will become pourable very easily”

Arctander has this to say “The absolute is used in numerous lilac bases, violet, muguet, high-class new mown hay, colognes, ambres, etc. Actually mimosa absolute will generally act to round off the “rough notes” from synthetic materials, and “lift” the natural materials in a perfume composition.”

Botanical Name: Acacia decurrens

Origin: India