Nasturtium Absolute (Indian Cress)

Adam Michael has this to say “Nasturtium absolute is produced by solvent extracting all aerial plant parts, production takes place chiefly in Egypt and the pourable material is reddish brown in colour. The aroma is rich, root vegetative, peppery foliage green, exudes delicate infused musk and honey sweetness with exotically charged floral undertones and all of great tenacity.

Subject to what taxonomy we apply the tropaeolum genus consists of upto 90 species, all annual and perennial and all climbers and trailers. This particular species grows easily and freely in the garden and is visually impressive with marbled green leaves and colourful flowers that seem to help me keep the weeds in check . All plant parts of this species are edible, I usually throw the leaves into my salad whole – they add a peppery crunch and adding the flowers turns an everyday salad into something more visually appealing.

Perfumers, in trace amounts, this is a must have material for those creating herbaceous or floral bouquets and finds much use in culinary perfume creations.”

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

Origin: Egypt