Oud Thailand E.O (PRACHIN)

Adam Michael has this to say “From the bottle, the aroma of this plantation Prachin Buri Thai Oud is decaying woody, Thai fruity sweet, with a big standout dose of maple syrup and finished with breezy, trace medicinal menthol qualities.  Applying a single drop to the skin, I find the top oozes rich resinous woody character and is complemented by powerful plumes of sticky candied exotic sweetness. All very true to the classic DNA of a bottle of Thai oud but its the maple syrup richness that really stands this apart from a bottle of the usual Provence of Trat produced ouds.

Over the course of a few hours you are hit with notes just like that of opening a bag of licorice candies, following on with a firework display of voluptuous exotic fruits and coupled with stacks of rich resinous woody warmth and traits of incense character sitting in the background. All finished off with a whisper of cresol. Working through the gears, this material goes onto indulge you in some of the finest earthy, green jungle, lightly spiced, rooty and “after the rain” aromas you could ever wish to smell. Comparable to smelling our organic cultivated South Indian vetiver crossed with an age old bottle of mitti attar/ petrichor. The dry down is warm, almost buttery woody, liquorice fruity infused, with the most minute traces of cresol, coconut and caramel chocolate.

One drop of this Thai oud applied to my skin lasts for 5 plus hours. I personally find this scent profile favours colder temperatures and it pairs spectacularly well with our Super Premium Patchouli Absolute and also our Sweet Incense E.O. Of a pourable consistency, aged for one year prior to being offered here for sale, plantation produced and in this instance a material that has all the signature hallmarks of a wild bottle of Thai oud without the crazy price tag. Highly recommend material.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Origin: Thailand (Prachin Buri)

Plantation Material (3 Year Aged as of 28th July 2021)