Porcini Absolute (chocolate)

Adam Michael has this to say “This porcini mushroom absolute is Italian produced, and mamma mia it’s a so good. Yes we do offer a French offering, yes it is most pleasant, however I live in Italy now and the opportunity to offer an Italian material has presented itself to me, so I thought why not.

Smelling this Italian material neat from the bottle, you are greeted with a real blast of porcini mushroom, followed with very intense dark chocolate qualities, saltiness, and hints of a sweetened seaweed absolute that is finished with a touch of vinegar. On a smelling strip this material is much more on the side of porcini mushroom with a light touch of chocolate and I want to add these chocolate nuances really stand the material apart from the French offering, as they are much more pronounced chocolate qualities by comparison, never faint, always detectable and that is not the case with the French material which is far more savoury throughout. The drydown of this Italian material is an utter WOW, comparable to a hay, tobacco and dried earth party.

A gorgeously rich brown note, this porcini mushroom absolute is savoury and of great intensity, invaluable in gourmand, forest floor, new mown hay accords, and in trace amounts even with white flowers along with whenever you want to impart a darker shade to perfume compositions, adding depth and complexity and making things just more interesting. It is a material that is better dosed with a light hand therefore a little goes a very long way.”

Botanical Name: Boletus edulis

Origin: Italy