Rose Honey Persian Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “As the years pass by like the blink of an eye, I have experienced lots of rose otto productions from lots of different countries around the world. The conclusion I have arrived at (25.12.21) is this, for sheer aromatic beauty, the no1 country in the world is Iran. Most will know Iranian rose as Persian rose.

It is also possibly the hardest rose otto at present to source due to the never-ending embargo that politics aside, does without question, punish many businesses in Iran unfairly. Thankfully I have good people spread across Iran who all play a part in helping me obtain their Persian Otto productions. A lot of effort really goes into this set-up, and it makes me smile as it’s an area that somewhat respectfully written, is proving impossible for my established online competitors to rip off. Said purely as many online benchmark our site and as soon as we have something new, they scurry away trying to obtain it too.

This Persian rose otto opening is dewy rose, honey and finished with an element of spiced foods. This rose is not bright and diffusive at the start with that cold lake through to emerald style clarity of our jungle offering, but its so plump rose as it settles on the strip or skin. And its got this wonderfully rich sweet-golden honey nectar hue that has a foody tinge reminiscent to my nose of children’s plasticines coupled with a non-harsh candied lemon note and finished with a smidge of transparent green intrigue. This is a really pleasant Persian rose otto aromatic, albeit a limited edition unfortunately.

The staying power is impressive at nearly 5 hours from a single swipe on my forearm and on the strip this lasts for slightly less than a day. Experiments so far, works well in conjunction with natural raspberry ketone, resulting in a lush honeyed-red jam profile,  pairs great with natural melonal, wonderful for those creating deep honey bases, sings beautifully when used with Honey Signature (Corporate product, mixed media, utterly breath-takingly perfect honey scent, and we will be carrying this product across early 2022) and generally seems to work well with all the usual suspects.

Note: You will find rose otto aromatics crystallize at between 5-8 ºC. Rest assured there is nothing wrong and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will become pourable again. Like most rose essential oils, also this Rose Honey Persian Otto naturally contains stearoptene, thus when diluted in alcohol filtration will be needed in order to discard the alcohol-insoluble petal waxes. Conversely, solubility in fixed oils is perfect for this essential oil, making it a choice material for high-end attars.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes